NUITEQ® is a collaborative software company that enables teams, organizations, educational institutions, and businesses to add value through smarter human interaction.

At Nuiteq, I build software that enhances learning outcomes for kids, improves teacher efficiency and also enhances collaboration in business. I work on user interfaces and features that is being used by schools and businesses around the world in over 70 countries.

INMOBI - (AUG 2016 to DEC 2016) - INTERN

InMobi is an Indian global mobile advertising technology company based out of Bangalore, India. Its mobile-first platform allows brands, developers and publishers to engage consumers through contextual mobile advertising.

At Inmobi, I worked closely with the marketing team in creating email templates and also on the support website


NUITEQ Snowflake is the educational software that brings interactivity to your school and increases collaboration in the classroom and a remote learning setting.

Canvas Online is a interactive whiteboard that helps teachers teach the classroom which is a sub project within https://snowflake.live

POLL is a student response system built to enhance engagement in the classroom and help knowledge retention.

Remote working solution - hassle-free collaborative workspace(https://nuiteq.com/stage)

Inmobi support is home for all Inmobi documentation.


A dashboard for certificate management for a local temple

A dashboard for certificate management for a local temple

Express endpoint that generates PDF for https://pernekshethracertificates.netlify.app from https://marriagecertificate-perne.netlify.app

Implementation of game of life in vanilla javascript

Implementation of game of life in VueJS

Personal blog site implemented using gridsome

Speech recognition image fetching of dog or fox based on word uttered

Change the background color of the page by showing the hand over the color quadrant on screen

List of indian startup companies with the valuation of $1B or more

Linked list algorithm solutions

A simple weather app that detects the location and shows the weather of the location

A html5 canvas implemented of hit detection and dragging functionality

A To do app implemented in VueJS

An app that converts color between hex and rgb values

An app that lets you scribble

Socket.io extension of drumming kit built in javascript30

Image gallery built with css grid and css transitions

Trying out the vite js build tool

Vue JS math practice site with webpack build

Url shorter built with typescript, typeorm, express and postgres

Sidebar in Vuetify that shows icons on collapse

Demonstration of grab and grabbing mouse cursor states

Demonstration of mouse tracking on UI

Website to be used for presentations

Clone of the keycode.info site which displays javasacript keyboard event info

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